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Thank you for showing an interest in the ECMS Horizons Affiliate and Reseller programs! Included here are descriptions of the two commission programs we offer with Benefits and Responsibilities.

In short the Affiliate Program is aimed at content publishers, people that write blogs, carry news, or operate sites with untapped opportunities for monetizing content and traffic. There are no responsibilities and no work other than placing a link on your site. There are certainly other ways to maximize your potential but if you’re not interested in running a web development business but don’t want to lose out on your ability to earn from it, this programs for you!

On the other hand if you are a web development business, and you’re finding out that other popular platforms aren’t really able to grow with you or your clients; if you’re tired of maintaining infrastructure and/or software; or if you’re getting stretched beyond your means and are looking for ways to reduce your workload while still improving your offerings, our Reseller Program was designed around you.

Affiliate Program


  • 10% of referred clients net subscription value for up to 6 months
  • Two payments, one at 45 days, and one at 200 days
  • Up to a maximum value of $50 / month / referral
  • Payments issued once commission balance reaches at least $25.00
  • As simple as placing a personalized affiliate link on your website or blog, and works even better if used to promote within an online store or directory!


  • No ongoing responsibility to client

Best Practices

This program can offer the small site an occasional bit of extra cash with no commitment, responsibility or footprint, but in order to reach the maximum potential, you need to consider the target audience and find places that see the most traffic for that audience.

Consider that if you were able to create a basic promotion around an ECMS subscription for a specific target audience, and then find an online mall for services relating to that audience, if the traffic is high enough, you may over a short period see 100, or even 1000 commissioned sales. 1000 Basic subscriptions would earn you as much as $6000.00 in commissions.

Reseller Program


  • 20% of all net client subscription revenues for as long as you maintain your reseller program status
  • Monthly payments (i.e. Commissions for June are paid in August)
  • Payments issued once commission balance reaches at least $25.00
  • One free Professional level Core Subscription, or 50% discount on one Enterprise Core Subscription, for housing your own site and staging client sites
  • Optional Branded client billing services (extra costs apply)
  • No commission cap


  • You remain the first point of contact for your client helping you maintain your relationship with them and allowing you to promote your in house services or commissioned ECMS services
  • Clients have access to moderated Q&A forums
  • You have unlimited access to special reseller only trouble ticket and pre-sales support system
  • Tiered Client Trouble Ticketing System
    • You are responsible for providing tier 1 support
    • For Tier 2+ support (phone / live chat) provided by eCommunities support engineers, the client must first obtain a support token from you (1 token = 30 min)
    • You are entitled to 1 free token / client / year
    • Additional tokens available at $50 each (reg. $60 each)

If interested, contact us at Partner Services.

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