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eCommunities, headquartered in Huntsville, Ontario, is best described by its namesake; a company that specializes in building electronic communities. From its roots in bulletin board software 20 years ago the company has grown in scope embracing newer technologies but always ensuring continuity, accessibility, and quality.

As a software development firm, eCommunities provides highly customizable turnkey content management solutions for a wide variety of industries. As a contract outsourcing firm, eCommunities also provides its services and software products to other marketing and web development companies looking to expand their own service offerings or simply to enhance their overall capacity. The synergy of these two models gives eCommunities the unique ability to scale services quickly and efficiently without losing stride.

Both eCommunities and the ECMS (eCommunities Management System) Horizons suite have matured into a robust dynamic combination that will continue to offer leading edge solutions to businesses and communities alike.


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