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Communications Dashboard

In the Main Dashboard Menu / Main Pull Down Menu choose COMMUNICATIONS in the Applications area. The Communications Dashboard Tab, shown below, gives you a summary of what's happening with the Communications Server: Most Popular Posts, Posts Awaiting Approval before they can go live, and Possible Infractions (more with public posts).

Communications Dashboard_Communications Dashboard.PNG

News & Blogs

The second tab is News & Blogs. It will show you News and Blog Categories already created. You can also Create a News/Blog Category or Create a News Article/Blog Entry or post from here.

Categories are collections of blog or news posts. For example if you had a recipe blog you could organize your posts into categories for Appetizers, Soups, Entrees, etc. An individual recipe post can appear in more than one category.

News & Blogs_News & Blogs.PNG

Category Details

Clicking on a Category will bring up the Category Details screen (below). Disable or Remove the whole category. Create a new post for the category. Edit the Category details, such as the Friendly Link, Category Title. Add an Image representing the Category as a whole. At the bottom of the screen are any news articles associated with the Category. Simply click on the title to open the post/article.

Category Details_Category Details.PNG

Add a News Article or Blog Post

There are many properties to fill in for details of a post.

Post Date: This affects the order that the post appears in a list, in order of furthest away at the top to most recent at the bottom.

Article/Post Title: Descriptive Title that will appear in short lists. Try and make it descriptive and enticing to click to find out more.

Friendly Link: Give the article a direct link that is short, web friendly and a unique name from other pages.

Author/Source: For teams this feature lets everyone know who wrote/posted the article.

Add A News Article or Blog Post_Add A News Article or Blog Post.PNG

Synopsis: This is the short (250 Character Maximum) description that may accompany the Title in a list. It will appear as one large paragraph no matter if you do line breaks in this area or not. For an event or dated item make sure to put relevent information in here in case they don’t click through for more information.

Body Content: If someone choose to click on a Title/Synopsis for more information they will see a page featuring whatever you put in this body content area . It has full WYSIWYG editing and can be as much information as you like.

Add a News Article or Blog Post_Body Content.PNG

Article/Post Categories: A post can be assigned to different categories at once. If there were a list of categories they would be under the left Available side. You would simply highlight one and choose the arrows point right, to move it under the right side Selected side. Reversing that you can also send a Selected category back to the Available side.

Add a New Article or Blog Post_Categories.PNG

Options: Choose how the public is allowed to interact with a post. Nothing checked means just available for reading.

Add a New Article or Blog Post_Options.PNG

Schedule: By default there is no Available From or Available To dates, meaning it will go active when you make it so and it will stay live online until you decide to take it down. But a handy feature for time sensitive posts is to assign it a date it’s Available From (when it will go live online automatically) and Available To (when it will automatically be taken off the live site).

Add a New Article or Blog Post_Schedule.PNG

Approval State: This feature is great for teams needing approval on a post before it goes live. You can create the post and leave it as unknown. The post won’t be live online until it’s Approved. In the Details view of lists of articles in a Category the UNKNOWN articles will appear as greyed out icons in the first column, where the APPROVED articles will have green in the same icon (shown at right) . If you choose to DECLINE an article the icon goes red.

Add a New Article or Blog Post_Approval State (2).PNG

Add a New Article or Blog Post_Approval State.PNG

Once a post is created, details filled in, on Submit you’ll be taken to the Details screen for that post. Media Folders will be there for images specifically for that post and if there were discussion allowed for the article, those threads would appear at the bottom of the screen.

Editing a Post

To edit an existing post find in the Category list then simply click on it's title. The Details screen comes up and choose to Edit News Article/Blog Post Details.
Editing a Post_Editing a Post.PNG

Deleting a Post

Right-clicking on a post in a Category list will give you two options: Edit or Delete the post.

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