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Managing Users & Groups

Administrators, Guest Accounts, Contacts

People & Groups

In the Main Pull Down Menu (or on the Main Dashboard), under ADMIN & SYSTEM TOOLS select PEOPLE & GROUPS.

Add a New User

The Dashboard tab that opens is one area you can ADD A NEW USER Add A New User_Add A New User.PNG or USER GROUP Add A New User_Add A New Group.PNG. The People Tab is another (shown below).

Add A New User_People and Groups.PNG

A new user could be just a CONTACT to keep on file, or could be someone you're giving administrative rights to. (See FIG 5.)

A GUEST ACCOUNT is an anonymous access that could be used, for example, when a user is purchasing something on your website, they can do an anonymous checkout.

A USER ACCOUNT is for giving someone access to ECMS in order for them to make changes to your website.

Add A New User_Template.PNG FIG 5

Editing Users

Users will be listed under the People Tab as shown below (listed in Tiles View). John Doe and Jane Smith were added as Contacts and do not have the Administrator label. You can scroll or do a search for a specific name in a long list of users.

Click on a person to view their detailed account information. Add new information, change existing info, or remove them.

Editing Users_Editing Users.PNG

Removing Users

Removing a user can be done a couple of different ways. Right-click on their name in the list of users (See FIG 6), and choose REMOVE. OR select them to go to their Account Details page and choose REMOVE THE ACCOUNT (See FIG 7).

Removing Users_Method 1.PNG FIG 6
Removing Users_Method 2.PNG FIG 7

 NOTE | Different Viewing Options for Lists

There are a group of icons to change how you view a list or collection of items found on the right side of the screen as shown at right. See the Media pages for more visual detail.


Rows per item of details.


Small thumbnail and details about the item.


Extra small thumbs and item name.


Larger thumbnails and item name.

Note_Viewing Options.PNG

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