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How Add a Menu

How to Create a Menu

To create a menu, select Menus & Navigation from the dashboard. There, you can see all of the current menus under Menu Explorer. However, if you wish to create a new menu, you must select 'Add a New Menu'.


When you select 'Add a New Menu' you are taken to a page where you can select two different menus. In this case, select 'Navigation Bar (Bootstrap)' as the old ECMS Menu is now obsolete.


After selecting 'Navigation Bar (Bootstrap)' you are taken to a page. There you can modify the State, Language/Locale, and the Menu Name. It is important to give it an unique Menu Name to make it easier to find it in the future.


After creating a menu, you will be taken to another page. There you can manage the whole menu. To the top of the screen you will see four options. If you wish to add new menu items, all you have to do is simply select Add A New Menu Item. This feature will be discussed in the next section, along with the options that you have for menu items.


This here, is a completed menu taken from the eCommunities footer menu. To the right, you may notice little green arrows to the side of the items. By pressing these arrows, you can modify the order of the menu items. If you press the red X, you then delete the menu item.


How to Add Menu Items



To add menu items, simply select “Add A New Menu Item” and you will be taken to a page where you can select the specific menu item that you wish to add. You can also add submenu items by simply selecting the menu item on the “Links & Sub-Menus” and selecting “Add A New Child Item” on the menu item’s own page. You can also right-click on a menu item and select “Add Child Item” to quickly add submenu items.

Categories and Collections


Add a variety of standard ad sizes anywhere on your layout with the Advertisement option. If you use Google Adsense Ads this is where you create the section they will show in and add in the Google supplied information.



Category Container Image: Displays an image from a Media Container from a Category template.

Category Field: Display a specific field from any Category template. Custom format the look of it.

Category Gallery: Display a photo gallery of Category thumbnails.

Category List: Display the top level list of categories from an existing Dynamic Category Page and can drill down into the category collection further from one of the top level links.

Menus & Navigation


Comment/Reply Form: Displays a form users can use to comment on a thread/discussion.
Comment Thread: Displays any threads/discussions for the current active post.
New Post/Thread: Allow visitors to create new discussion threads of a type you define (ie. new topic in a forum).
News and Blog Category List: Select a category for use with other dynamic Post sections.
Post Details: Identifies the current active post and displays subject heading, content and title images.
Post Field: Display a specific field from any post template. Format the look of it.
Post Fields: Same as above but not limited to a single variable.
Post Gallery: Displays a photo gallery of all images available in a blog or news posting.
Post Image: Displays the image from a post.
Post List: Displays either Blog Roll or News Articles. Set the number to display.
Support Channel List: Lists all support channels matching a number of customizable filters.
Trouble Ticket List: Displays a list of trouble tickets for the current user. Can set to show all or just "Open" tickets.

ECMS System Core, Webpages & Content, and Unified Search System

fig14.PNG fig15.PNG

Add Profile: Create a new profile for the current user using specified profile type.
Edit Profile: Allow a profile owner to edit the profile record.
Testimonials: Select an individual testimonial, a random selection of any length, or the complete list of testimonials in a paginated list for public display.

Peoples & Groups


Event Calendar: Displays a calendar of events with filters for limiting to specific events.
Event Details: Displays an event's title, description and title image in order of your choosing.
Event Field: Select a specific field in any event template. Format the look of it.
Event Gallery: Displays a photo gallery of event thumbnails.
Event Image: Display an image from an event media container. Optional Heading and Content areas.
Event Schedule: Display a simple list of upcoming dates for the current event.
Upcoming Event List: Displays a list of upcoming events, with title, date/time, link to more information. Option of showing synopsis of event.

How to Add a Menu to Your Webpage

You can add your menu to your website by selecting “Create a New Content Section” and “Navigation Bar (Bootstrap)” under “Menus & Navigation”. This will take you to a form where you can search for your newly created menu and customize it.







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