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Going back to the Main Dashboard Area or Main Pull Down Menu, go to WEB PAGES & CONTENT in the Website Management section. This time we're going to explore the HOME PAGE link and it's the most commonly used of the three links.

Web Pages_Web Pages.PNG


Home Page Overview

The Home PAge Details screen shows an overview of it's details. The Page Layout Preview shows sections from the Master Page template in green and sections specific to a page in grey shades.

The Homepage is the top of the heirarchy or architecture of a website. All child pages or sub pages in the architecture's second level are shown at the bottom of the screen in Details View by default.

Homepage Overview_Homepage Overview.PNG

Overriding Master Template Sections

Expand the green Master template sections and you'll find options to override them. In FIG 14 below an example is given where we want a "Large Slide Show" on this specific page vs a "Small Slide Show" as the template and every page in the website has. By clicking on the Play icon Overriding Master Template Sections_Play.PNG we can turn it Off Overriding Master Template Sections_Off.PNG indicated by the sqaure icon and that section turning yello. The section is not deleted, just disabled.

Overriding Master Template Sections_Page Layout Preview.PNG FIG 14
Overriding Master Template Sections_Right Click.PNG FIG 15

Right-Click Options for a Section

There are additional options for sections other than move up or down, disable, or delte. Right clicking on a section (See FIG 15) will bring up the CUT and COPY options. If you have a section on the clipboard you can right click a section in the layout to paste above or blow it.

MIRROR is another option to copy a section, but it gives you an additional feature. If you make changes to one mirrored section it will make the same changes in the other mirrored section.

STATUS will enable/disable a section and REMOVE will delete it.

Webpage Children

Any webpage can have further webpages off of it, called Child pages. If there are any they will be listed as Webpage Children at the bottom of that page's details screen. The default view is Details, which gives you the most information about the child pages. In the example below, the first menu item is "Events - All". It's position in this list doesn't affect it's position in the order of a menu.

"Events-All" page title has a FRIENDLY LINK of "Allevents" this is the direct link to this page with your website in front of it, ie. It is web friendly with dashes to take place of the spaces and no additonal special characters. It's useful to shorten long Page Titles, which are the default friendly link if none is type in. It's also useful in Marketing a specific page in print ads, etc and for monitoring sats for that page. With the Details view, you can see that it has 4 child pages of it's own.

Webpage Children_Webpage Children.PNG

Overview of WYSIWYG Formatting

ECMS uses WYSIWYG (What You See is What You Get) editing for many areas, including some sections. Here is a look at the options available through this editor. HOVERING your mouse over an icon will bring up the hint of what it does.

Overview of WYSIWYG Formating_Overview of WYSIWYG Formating.PNG

  1. Paste from Clipboard.
  2. Paste as Plain Text (no formatting).
  3. Paste from Word.
  4. Spell Check.
  5. Undo / Redo.
  6. Search.
  7. Find / Replace.
  8. Select All.
  9. Remove Formatting.
  10. Create a Link or Unlink (Highlight text or image and click this icon.)
  11. Create an Anchor (For placing links to a place on the same page.)
  12. Insert a link to a PDF file or Document.
  13. Insert an Image from the Media Warehouse.
  14. Insert media from a 3rd Party (such as YouTube).
  15. Insert a Table.
  16. Insert a Special Character.
  17. Show Blocks.
  18. Maximize/Minimize the WYSIWYG Window. *
  19. View / Edit HTML Source Code.
  20. Use Paragraph Formats.
  21. Choose a Font Name.
  22. Choose a Font Size.
  23. Bold, Italic, Underscore, Strike Through.
  24. Sub Script, Super Script.
  25. Pick a Text Colour.
  26. Pick a Text Background Colour.
  27. Add / Remove Numbered or Bulleted Lists.
  28. Increase / Decrease Indent.
  29. Left / Center / Right Align or Justify Paragraph.

Overview of WYSIWYG Formating_Sizing.PNG* Maximize the WYSIWYG Window for easier layout planning of your content. You must minimize the larger window with the same icon in order to save your edits. Another option is to drag the bottom right corner of the WYSIWYG editor down to make the window taller.

Media Containers and Ordering Images

Sections have assigned Media Container folders, circled below, where you can put images from the Media Warehouse specifically for that section. For example, if ou insert a section for a scrolling gallery, you'd put images for the gallery in the Media Container folder. If you want to ORDER the gallery photo and have a certain image first, select the folder to view it's content, choose the Details View nand use the arrows (shown at right) to move an image higher or lower in the list.

Media Containers & Ordering Images_Media Containers & Ordering Images.PNG

Media Containers & Ordering Images_Media Container.PNG

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