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Website Structure

Master Template, Pages, and Sections

The starting point for any website design or update is the WEB PAGES & CONTENT main menu link under Website Management.

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Web Pages & Content

There are three options on the Web Pages Content Dashboard:

Master Page: Your master template or page, is where you edito your wepbsite design and framework. This master is applied to every page in the site as a starting point, but sections can be turned on or off, or overridden by custom sections, for specific pages.

Home Page: You'll be working in the Home Page area most of the time for adding and editing web pages. Choosing this icon will show you the top page in the website heirarchy or architecture (home page) and at the bottom of this page you'll see all of the pages off of that one (About Us, Contact Us...), and if there is a third level of sub pages off of those, it will be indicated.

Custom CSS: Where you can adjust the styles for the website. Each section has a specific reference code name that you can add to this page if you need to adjust the CSS of that specific section.

 NOTE | Important Naming Practices

Websites, especially larger ones, have a lot of components working together. It is a good habit to get into to be specific in what you name anything used on your site. It will keep things organized and make it easier for future editing and removing. If there is more than one person working on the site, clear communication when labelling items is the key.

Organize Images in folders with descriptive words like year or date and what is in the folder (ie. 2014 Spring Golf Tournament Photos). Name your images specifically as well (ie. Corporate Logo - Horizontal.gif) and remember that online spaces and special characters are generally not accepted. ECMS will automatically add in underscores in place of spaces.

Organize Website Pages and Sections with wording as well. In future, if you need add a link to a pge within your site, you will need to Search for the page you want from a list of ALL pages on the site. If you have some similary named you may choose the wrong one and another team member my not understand very general or quirky naming.

Master Page Details

Choosing to edit MASTER PAGE will bring up it's details screen. It gives a quick overview of the Framework Settings you originally filled in for. Check on a MEDIA CONTAINER to add/edit your Favicon and Website Background image.

EDIT MASTER PAGE DETAILS will edit the framework/page styling details. It is also the spot you can add Google Analytics and initial SEO information. This will NOT edit Content on the webpage that the end user sees on the live site.

Master Page Details_Master Page Details.PNG

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