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Client Relationship Manager

Grow your organization, help your clients meet their needs, and make great service easier to deliver. ECMS CRM bridges the gap between information collection and utilization by making your CRM a tightly integrated part of your website. By tying in other ECMS Modules you can expand the CRM to organize and use literally any type of information or resource relating to a contact, company or group. Financial history, website postings, statistical and demographic information, etc., even fully indexed customizable records, are all brought together into a simple flexible console.

RelationshipsNavigate your relationships like the web, follow links between contacts, companies, view documents and media
TaggingTag records of any kind to create custom collections, use smart groups to save your searches, then use them to give you a window into their needs and interests
RemindersTask scheduling and reminders
Operator ViewOperator view of all consolidated client data and assets


Client Relationship Manager

Supported Number of Users: unlimited unlimited unlimited
Manage and Display Client Testimonials:      
Store Related Documents & Media Files With Clients or Organizations:      
Organize Relationships Between Clients and Organizations:      
Record Correspondance For Future Reference:      
At A Glance Management of All Related Module Content:      
Support for Customized Personal/Company "Profiles":      
Task Scheduling:      
Customizable Actions:      
Sales Force Opportunity Tracking:      
Dynamic Custom Groups:      
Dynamic Sales Reporting & Forcasting:      
IMAP Email Integration w. Conversation History:      

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