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Communications Centre

The ECMS Communications Centre handles many distinct types of communications: News, Blog’s, Discussion Forums, Private Communications, Trouble Tickets, etc. In all cases the module employes a fully threaded messaging system allowing you to manage the entire history of a conversation and its responses.

Post ControlsFine grain post control on a user by user basis
FilteringCategory or Tag based thread management
ThreadedCustomizable threads with control over commenting / replying, etc.
RSS FeedsThread or Category based RSS Feeds
ModerationAssignable moderator controls for forum, blog, and news commenting


Communications Centre


Publish RSS Feeds:      
Scheduled Post Live & Stale Dates:      
WYSIWYG Editor With Formatting Tools:      
Static and Dynamic Post Archiving:      
Customizable User Profiles (Req. ECCRM):      
Social Network Style User Relationships (Req. ECCRM):      


Supported Number of Active Blogs: unlimited unlimited unlimited
Custom Controls for Feedback and Comment Threads:      
Support for Moderators:      


Supported Number of Active News Channels: unlimited unlimited unlimited
Associate Articles to One or More Events (Req. ECEVT):      
Associate Articles to One or More Listings (Req. ECLST):      
Support for Moderators:      
Support for Pay-Per-View Articles (Req. ECECM):      

Discussion Forums (Add On)




Supported Number of Active Topics:   5 unlimited
Active Threads:   unlimited unlimited
Preview Posts:      
Topic Moderators:      
Registered Users Can Start New Topics:      
Support for Threaded Discussions:      
Support for Moderators:      
Output Forum Discussions to RSS Feed:      
Forum, Discussion & Thread Subscriptions:      

Private Messaging (Add On)



Private Messaging Between Users and/or Groups or Companies:      

Support Ticketing System (Add On)




Administrative Overview of Open / Closed tickets and Metrics:      
Custom Resolution Follow-up Actions:      
Knowledge Base:      

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