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The ECMS Events Manager is a very powerful Calendaring system with support for multiple calendars both private and public. Events can be entered into the system with a wide variety of information (also customizable), and includes support for repetitive events using various patterns. The events calendars may also be extended by other installed modules to provide a detailed and intuitive view for system events, tasks, and reminders for both administrators and individual users.

Multiple SchedulesSupport for multiple schedules for a single event
CalendarsMultiple permission / group or even individual user based calendars
SharingAdherence to the iCal standard provides easy portability and subscription options
IntegrationCalendars compatible with cloud / client based calendars such as Google Calendar, Mozilla Lightning, etc.
RSS FeedsAutomated category and / or calendar based event RSS feeds



Attach Images & Other Media Files to Events:      
Repetitive Events Management Tools:      
Output Events to RSS:      
Yearly, Monthly, Weekly, Daily Calendar Views:      
Support For Multiple Private or Public Calendars:      
Personal User Calendars and Events:      
Include 3rd Party RSS Compatible Events Feeds:      
Export Events and Calendars to ICS files:      
Support for iCal Subscriptions:      
Event Invites Support:      
Busy / Free Time Management:      
Event Resource Assignment and Reservations:      
Associate Events to One or More Listings (Req. ECLST):      
Purchase Tickets Online (Req. ECECM):      

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