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An enterprise grade platform for any size business

ECMS Horizons is more than just website content management, it’s a Business Framework that scales with your needs.  What can Horizons do for your business?

A Highly Customizable Turnkey Content Management System

Most CMS solutions force you to change your business processes to fit their platforms' limited capabilities, but it doesn't have to be like that.  Those CMS's were built for different purposes and it's only through expensive addons or custom development that you're able to squeeze your round pegs into their square holes. Yes, we mean you WordPress, Drupal and Joomla!

eCommunities and ECMS Horizons is a leap forward in the evolution of Content Management, it's a complete Business Framework that was built to meet your needs, your way.  It's an enterprise grade platform capable of scaling from Startup to Unicorn Club, providing you the toolset a modern business requires, on a stable, secure, reliable, and expandable framework.  You no longer have to worry about whether one plugin will work with another, whether your developers custom patch will work with the next security release, or what your next months services might cost as you expand. ECMS takes out all the guess work.


High Performance

Auto-scaling cloud infrastructure, average 500-700ms server response times, intelligent block caching, and on the fly content optimizations ensure your site is always running at peak performance!


Secure & Reliable

Secure isolated private cloud with guaranteed 99.99% uptime. PCI compliant, 128bit TLS (SSL) and 256bit AES encryption, ensures credit card, personal data, and your sites private information stay secure!


Responsive Layouts

Optimized Desktop, Laptop, Tablet, and Mobile layouts means your website will always look its best, and the ability for designers to choose from several popular CSS Frameworks means no learning curve!


Flexible Architecture

No need for a developer to achieve fully custom rollouts, ECMS can be tailored to your specific needs right down to the database layer, giving you  complete control over your data and content!


Business Process Automation

ECMS's automation tools can help you simplify complex processes, saving man hours, reducing overhead, and ensuring that steps arent missed or forgotten while taking care of your clients!


Search Engine Optimized

SEO can make or break a business, so we take it seriously.  We use all of the modern HTML5 tags, attributes, and resources at our disposal to ensure that your content is seen and understood!

Flexible Business Platform

ECMS gives you the flexibility of a custom solution with the ease of use of an off the shelf product.

If your business doesn't fit this pattern you're doing it wrong!
Said somebody doing it wrong



In it's simplest form ECMS is a full featured CMS with a wide variety of modules. It's scaleable nature and variety of offerings allow ECMS to scale with your traffic and grow with your business.


With our Business Process Automation tools you can create web accessible applications for your workers, clients, or users at a fraction of the cost but with all the flexibility of a fully custom solution.


Use ECMS Horizons as your native app's back end with our REST API hooks. Tie actions and responses to any number of triggers to add truely unique and horizontally integrated logic to your application.

Marketing & Web Development Companies

Before we created ECMS, we were web developers. We were doing and learning all the same things you are, and like you, we knew there had to be a better way. If you're like us you wanted an easier way to manage your growing list of clients, improve your efficiencies, and grow your margins without growing your overhead. You might have even skipped jobs that looked too big. Sound familiar?

Learn more about ECMS Agency Tools...

  • Switch from Client to Client within a single console
  • Setup self-branded automated billing for your clients
  • Keep your clients longer by using a platform that will grow with them
  • Win larger contracts with a more capable platform
  • Offer better support through your own Trouble Ticket system

Intelligent Modules

An effective platform is one where its modules can work togethether seemlessly, to be intelligent in their own right but to become more than the sum of their parts when combined. eCommunities continues to innovate by finding new ways to mashup our modules so we can offer you a truely unique and powerful platform.

Perfect Fit

Your platform should be the least of your worries when your business takes off!

ECMS Horizons is offered at three levels to suit your needs now, and in the future! Choose the right level to get you started and only expand when you really need to.  What can Horizons do for your business?


ECMS Horizons Core

  Single website with any number of domains Up to 5 related sites with role based administration Unlimited related sites with complex security requirements
Websites / Applications 1 5 unlimited
Administrators / Role Based Managers 1 5 unlimited
Storage / Bandwidth 5GB / unlimited 25GB / unlimited 100GB / unlimited
Emails Included 5 20 100
Expandable via ECMS Modules      
256bit AES Encryption for Sensitive Data      
Hourly Backups of All Client Data      
Audit Trail      
Active Page / Block Caching      
Content Versioning      
Centralized Media Warehouse with Agency Helpers      
Managed REST API with Customizable I/O Action Triggers      
POSIX type User / Group Permission Management      
Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP)      
Read about the complete platform feature set... Basic Features... Professional Features... Enterprise Features...

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