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 bootsraplogo.png You may have heard of the catchprase 'Responsive Design' often being used to describe newer websites. Unlike other recient web design trends, responsive design is critical to running a functional website. With responsive design you can cater to any device, providing your clients an equal experence regardless if they are on a phone or their computer. We offer several modern CSS Frameworks including Twitter Bootstrap to help you get exactly the look you want from your responsive website.


eCommunities allows you to implement responsive, mobile friendly design by taking advantage of Bootsrap's four different screen sizes and 12 column grid layout. The first two screen sizes 'Extra Small' and 'Small' are designed for mobile phones and tablets. The other two screen sizes; 'Medium' and 'Large' allow you to cater to laptops and desktops. Our interface allows you to adjust and modify the width of each section for each screen size.


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