ECMS Horizons

ECMS Horizons

From the ground up eCommunities Management System (ECMS) has been developed to prove it is possible to provide a solution that can be both technically superior and feature rich, and still remain accessible to all people with all levels of experience.

ECMS utilizes a standards based approach to its data collection and storage so that regardless of the application, the information available within the system will always be portable and fully compatible. Where applicable, specific standards are referenced in each of the ECMS Module descriptions.


ECMS is cloud based, and that means it's resources are virtually limitless. But it doesn't stop there, to be truely scalable you need to not only be able to scale for scheduled periods, but also for unscheduled ones.  When traffic spikes within minutes our system will have auto-provision additional resources ensuring that we're always delivering stable performance to all our clients.


We employ multiple redundancies at all layers of the system, whether hot backups of the database ready to take over at a moments notice, hourly snapshots of the data, or even application layer resource and block caching to help manage load. Redundency and reliability are always on our mind and we're constantly looking for ways to architect our infrastructure and applications around it.


Every form, every section, every page is managed by one or more forms that help organize the complexity of managing such large stores of data and content, but what happens when you want to manage data that our system wasn't designed for?

No problem, our XML data mapping template system allow us, on a client by client basis, to customize our system to your own specific needs, adding or removing fields from forms, adding entirely new forms, and storing any form of data you need us to.  We can even customize the help system to make sure your own users enjoy their time on your site, using your own words to provide better contextual help.


The catch-phrase these days is responsive design however in most cases that means a templated layout that requires expertise to customize at every turn and a knowledge of scripting languages to boot.  Not ECMS; our system includes responsive design at the application layer.  Like all responsive layouts it means that you only need to manage one site, while your visitors can view it in one tailored to their device.

But what happens when your content just doesn't look right from one to the next.  This is where other systems like WordPress fall down because the only way is to custom program it raising your total cost of ownership and wiping out any savings realized by using a "free" platform.  In ECMS, all you would have to do is create a duplicate section, the first being for Mobile Only, and the second being for Desktop Only.  Choose the best settings for each and put your best foot forward.  The best part is the data is still managed in one place so maintenance isn't affected.


ECMS is offered in a SaaS model (Software as a Service) so our pricing is stable and predictable, most modules are available as monthly subscriptions, with no commitments beyond that.  Others are even more flexible and are provided on-demand costing only for the times it's used.  Both the Core and the Modules are available in Basic, Professional, and Enterprise levels, so you can predict the costs well into the future of growing your business from a small to medium sized business into a full fledged enterprise.  The fact that you can do that without needing to change platforms as you grow means that you save now and you save later.


Our entire infrastructure is housed in a Virtual Private Cloud.  That doesn't just mean that we use our own dedicated resources, it means that those resources aren't even visible to the internet, they're completely isolated making it impossible for those in the outside world to connect to them. 

Our system also encrypts all important data with salted hash's and at extremely high levels ensuring that even if a data breach were to occur, any meaningful data would be completely useless to the attacker.

Horizons' wide array of modules each come in varying levels allowing you to build the perfect solution using only what you need, but leaving room for your deployment to grow and change as quickly as you do.

The real strength of the eCommunities Management System is it's modular architecture, allowing us to provide a solutions that are tailored to each individual organizations specific needs, solutions that exceed your expectations without exceeding your budget.

ECMS modules are unique in our industry in that they don't simply do that they sound like they do, they grow more capable and more rich as modules are added into the mix.  Mash up the Weather Station with the Events Calendar and you can enable mini-forecasts right in the calendar view, or combine the Listing System and the Jobs Board and you can allow your member businesses to post their openings right to their listing in your directory.  The combinations are limitless and truely enable your site to become more than the sum of its parts.

Explore our full range of available ECMS Modules, and remember that we will also customize or construct any modules specific to your needs that aren't already available.


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