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After logging in you`ll see the Main Dashboard Screen as shown below . The black header bar is consistent for any screen in ECMS . Circled below, the Breadcrumb Trail is where you can follow your path and easily go back to a stage/screen simply by clicking on the stage you wish to go back to.

Main Dashboard Screen_Main Dashboard Screen.PNG

  1. eCommunities Logo: Link back to the Dashboard. Main Dashboard Screen_Logo.PNG
  2. Main Menu Pull Down: Available by choosing the account name, shows all the links you see on the Main Dashboard. See FIG. 1
  3. Quick link to the MEDIA WAREHOUSE for easy access to your images and documents.
  4. Access MY ACCOUNT and PERSONAL PREFERENCES from this pull down menu. See FIG. 2
  5. Auto Logoff Feature: Double click the timer to reset it and refresh the session. Main Dashboard Screen_Timer.PNG
  6. HELP Pull Down Menu. See FIG. 3


Main Dashboard Screen_Main Menu Pull Down.PNG

FIG. 1: Main Menu Pull Down

Main Dashboard Screen_Account Preferences Pull Down Menu.PNG

FIG. 2: Account/Preferences Pull Down Menu

Main Dashboard Screen_Help Resources Pull Down Menu.PNG

FIG 3: Help/Resources Pull Down Menu

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