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Module Groups Summary

All modules in the dashboard are organized into 4 groups.

Website Management

Modules in this section deal with parts of your website that the public see. Things like the actual Web Pages, Menus and Images that are shown on your site.

Website Management_Website Management Modules.PNG

Application Modules

Expand your site's use as a tool for your business with these modules. Add a blog or news article, posts jobs and receive responses, add an event calendar to keep your end user informed. Gather testimonials and put them on your site through the Client Relationship Manager, and explore information stored on your website about users. These modules are added to web pages as sections.

Application Modules_Application Modules.PNG

On-Demand Modules

Thse are modules that are not subscription based but "pay per use". If you don't send out a Newsletter every month (only quarterly for example), you will only be billed when you do make use of this module, at whatever tier you fall into based on useage. Contact our sales team for pricing and further details.

On Demand Modules_On Demand Modules.PNG

Admin & System Tools

Managing users, stats and reports, any modules that deals with system related resources are found in this group.

Admin & System Tools_Admin & System Tools Module.PNG

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