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Navigating Images, Documents, Audio/Video

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The Media Warehouse is where any website images, documents, or videos are stored. Delete or replace an image in this area and it will delete or change wherever that image is used on the site. It is accessible from a few different areas:

FIG 8 Above. On the Main ECMS Dashboard (via the eCommunities logo in the top left), in the WEBSITE MANAGEMENT group choose MEDIA WAREHOUSE. Or in the header bar there is ALWAYS a quck link available to Media Warehouse.

FIG 9 Above. Use the header Main Pull Down Menu to access the link to MEDIA WAREHOUSE under Website Management.

Media Warehouse_Media Warehouse Basic Navigation.PNG

Folders & Organization

Once in the Media Warehouse, you can simply choose the UPLOAD FILES icon, circled above, which will upload a file to the main Media Warehouse screen shown above. However, to keep as organized as possible with media files it is recommended to create folders and even sub folders. Label the folders logically for ease of finding images or deleting images in future. Click CREATE A NEW FOLDER , circled above, and name the folder accordingly.

If you've uploaded a file outside of the destination folder intended, DRAG AND DROP the file easily into it's folder.

Clicking on a folder will open it to show the FOLDER DETAILS screen, and items and sub folders within the folder.

Folders & Organization_Folder Options.PNG

You can choose the various options for that specific folder including DISABLE MEDIA FOLDER (NOT delete), REMOVE THIS MEDIA FOLDER (will delete it), CREATE A NEW FOLDER (subfolder), or UPLOAD FILES to the folder.

Searching & Filtering File Collections

The icons circled below can be clicked on or off to filter the types of files shown in the list. This example would show only documents. The options for filtering are, from left to right, IMAGES, DOCUMENTS, AUDIO/VISUAL, APPLICATIONS or OTHER. Like most other screens in ECMS a SEARCH is also available for Media files.

Searching & Filtering File Collections_Filtering File Options.PNG

Right-Click Menu Feature

At almost any time, except on an individual files Edit Media File screen, you can Right-Click to bring up a menu of options (See FIG 10). Preview, Download, Edit, Cut, Check the Status, or Remove the File. STATUS would disable but not remove a file. The option to Download the media file is a very handy feature to remember.
Right-Click Menu Feature_Menu.PNG FIG 10

Using the Clipbard

Using the Right-Click menu you can CUT a file from one location to paste in another. It is cut and placed on the Clipboard. You can do this with Multiple Files from different folders. View Clipboard information in the top right corner under Help as shown below. Once you hit Paste (via right-click menu) on the new location the Clipboard contents are ALL emptied to that spot.

Using the Clipboard_Hidden.PNG
Using the Clipboard_Visible.PNG

A Quick Visual Demonstration of Viewing Options

As explained in the NOTE for Managing Users & Groups, there are 4 options for how to view a collection/list of files. DETAILS TILES ICONS THUMBNAILS Right-Click Menu available for all four views.
Viewing Options_Viewing Options.PNG


Details View

Get details about media files in a spread sheet look, with rows of information at your fingertips. You can add a Description for more details to any file and it can be seen on this view. Easily remove an individual file by clicking the red X. You can also see the USAGE or how many times on the site the image is used.

Viewing Options_Details View.PNG

Tiles View

This view shows you a larger thumbnail than in Details view and still gives you some information about the file.

Viewing Options_Tiles View.PNG

Icons View

This view shows you a smaller thumbnail than Tiles View and shows just the file name. Hovering over an individual file will bring up a notice of Usage (See FIG 11 on the Bottom of the Page).

Viewing Options_Icons View.PNG

Thumbnails View

This view shows you the largest thumbnail preview of the four options. It shows just the name of the file with it. Hovering over an individual file will bring up a notice of Usage (See FIG 11 Below).

Viewing Options_Thumbnails View.PNG FIG 11

Editing Media Files

Click on a file and get the EDIT MEDIA FILE screen, shown below. Adjust what the FILE NAME Shows as in ECMS. Add a Description (visible in Details View), useful if there are visually similar files. BROWSE for a replacement file which replaces it anywhere it's used on the site. If a file that is uploaded and used on the site is wrong, you can make it NOT AVAILABLE immediately with a simple button click, until a replacement file can be uploaded in it's place.

Editing Media Files_Editing Media Files.PNG

 NOTE | Accepted Image Formats & Naming Guidelines

There are 3 types of universal image formats that you can use online;

  • JPEG (.jpg or .jpeg)
  • GIF (.gif)
  • PIG (.png)

PDFs or DOCS are sutable formats for Document downloads, however they cannot be placed like an image.
All of these files mentioned can be uploaded to the Media Warehouse.

When NAMING your image remember that spaces and special characters (other than dashes and underscores) aren't accepted online, and try to keep the full name, including the 4 character ending (.jpg, .gif) under 31 characters. ECMS will automatically replace spaces with underscores. Instead of spaces for spearating words use Upper and Lower case text. (ie. For "Home Page Slide feature new John Doe product" say "HomePageSlide_JohnDoeNew".

Time Saving Tip: Name groups of images with the same starting words. In the example above, if you name ALL your slides for the home page starting with "HomePageSlide_" they will be grouped together because of how they're named (all lists being in alphabetical order) and you won't need to search the whole image list for scattered home page slide files.

Uploading New Files

The UPLOAD FILES button brings up the screen below. You can choose to upload MULTIPLE files to the MEdia Warehouse or just one. Choose ADD FILES... then browse your computer for the images or documents.

Uploading New Files_Uploading New Files.PNG

Second step is to START your upload. If you need to add another upload you can do so by clicking ADD FILES again. On the screen below, The eCommunities logo was found and uploaded, then a banner add that has yet to be uploaded. You can see you have options to DELETE already uploaded images, START the new upload or CANCEL the new upload.

Uploading New Files_File Options.PNG

You can follow the Progress bars that appear when you Start uploading and you will be notifed if there was a problem or if it was successful. To activate the CONTINUE button at the bottom of the screen and choose START ALL UPLOADS. Continue Button.PNG

 NOTE | Upload Website Images First

Upload any images you need for web pages first. Then they're available for choosing from Content Sections directly into Media Folders in that Content Section. It's an extra step if you create a content section first and then need to add an image to it. You need to leave that section to go to the Media Warehouse to upload the image. You can't upload an image directly from an image media folder in a content section, then go back to add media to the media folder.

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