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How to Add a Weather Forecast

How to Add an Environment Canada Forecast to Your Website

Adding a Weather Forecast Through the Weather Forecast Module

weather forecast.PNGTo add a weather forecast simply select the Weather Forecasts module on the ECMS Dashboard. This will take you to a list displaying all of your currently added forecasts, associated and unassociated.

Select add forecast.PNGand you will be taken to a form where you can add your Environment Canada forecast url. You can access Environment Canada's forecasts here; add forecast.PNG

As you can see, you can only populate a handfull of fields. The other fields related to your forecast will be populated automatically after you update forecast now.PNG.

updated forecast.PNG

After you update the forecast, you will notice that all of the fields become populated. To use the added forecast on your website; associate forecast.PNG.

Adding a Weather Forecast Section to Your Website

To make your weather forecast visible on your site, select any of the ECWTR related content sections on your website. You will be taken to a similar form where you can select a forecast for your section to target.

forecast search.PNG

search for associated forecasts.PNG

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