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Webpage Content Through Sections

The MASTER LAYOUT PREVIEW shows that there is no template for the site right now, only content specific per page. The PAGE SPECIFIC CONTENT is a Section and tells the Master Page to display content from web pages created in this section.

Each web page is laid out using sections, making it easy to lay out contents per page, move sections around, or delete sections. For easy editing of the contents of a section, simply click on the section's name.

Adding A New Section

Create a New Content Section.PNGTo add a section, such as a Header, to the Master template (will be common to all pages on the site) we need to Create a New Content Section.

Adding a New Section_Adding a New Section.PNG

Here are explanations of the template options you have...

ECMS Ad Manager

ECMS Ad Manager_ECMS Ad Manager.PNG

Add a variety of standard ad sizes anywhere on your layout with the Advertisement option. If you use Google Adsense Ads this is where you create the section they will show in and add in the Google supplied information.

Categories and Collections

Categories and Collections_Categories and Collections.PNG

Category Container Image: Displays an image from a Media Container from a Category template.

Category Field: Display a specific field from any Category template. Custom format the look of it.

Category Gallery: Display a photo gallery of Category thumbnails.

Category List: Display the top level list of categories from an existing Dynamic Category Page and can drill down into the category collection further from one of the top level links.



Comment/Reply Form: Displays a form users can use to comment on a thread/discussion.
Comment Thread: Displays any threads/discussions for the current active post.
New Post/Thread: Allow visitors to create new discussion threads of a type you define (ie. new topic in a forum).
News and Blog Category List: Select a category for use with other dynamic Post sections.
Post Details: Identifies the current active post and displays subject heading, content and title images.
Post Field: Display a specific field from any post template. Format the look of it.
Post Fields: Same as above but not limited to a single variable.
Post Gallery: Displays a photo gallery of all images available in a blog or news posting.
Post Image: Displays the image from a post.
Post List: Displays either Blog Roll or News Articles. Set the number to display.
Support Channel List: Lists all support channels matching a number of customizable filters.
Trouble Ticket List: Displays a list of trouble tickets for the current user. Can set to show all or just "Open" tickets.

Client Relationship Manager

Client Relationship Manager_Client Relationship Manager.PNG

Add Profile: Create a new profile for the current user using specified profile type.
Edit Profile: Allow a profile owner to edit the profile record.
Testimonials: Select an individual testimonial, a random selection of any length, or the complete list of testimonials in a paginated list for public display.

Events Calendar

Events Calendar_Events Calendar.PNG

Event Calendar: Displays a calendar of events with filters for limiting to specific events.
Event Details: Displays an event's title, description and title image in order of your choosing.
Event Field: Select a specific field in any event template. Format the look of it.
Event Gallery: Displays a photo gallery of event thumbnails.
Event Image: Display an image from an event media container. Optional Heading and Content areas.
Event Schedule: Display a simple list of upcoming dates for the current event.
Upcoming Event List: Displays a list of upcoming events, with title, date/time, link to more information. Option of showing synopsis of event.

Forms Manager

Forms Manager_Forms Manager.PNG

Form: Select from the list of available custom forms and present it to your visitors.

Job Board

Job Board_Job Board.PNG

Add Resume Profile: Create a new resume profile for the current user which can be used to store specific versions of a resume tailored to a particular industry or even job.
Edit Resume: Allows resume owner to edit the resume and even replace the resume file iteself with an updated one.
Edit Resume Profile: Allows profile owner to edit the resume profile.
Job Application: Display's a login/create account link or an option to display a suplementary application form and resume selector tool allowing the user to submit an application for the currently displayed job opportunity.
Post a New Job Form: Select a new job form and allow users to create their own job postings which they can follow and manage.
Upload Resume: Allows a user to upload a resume document to a selected media container that will be associated with their account.

Media Warehouse

Media Warehouse_Media Warehouse.PNG

Downloads: Provides a formatted list of downloadable files with file size information and optional descriptions.
Image: Allows you to select one or more images (selected randomly on each page request) to be displayed scaled to the size of the section.
Scrolling Gallery: The scrolling gallery allows you to display an auto-scrolling list of images or without captions.

Menus and Navigation

Menus & Navigation_Menus & Navigation.PNG

Navigation Menu: Displays a menu selected from the Navigation module,

Newsletters & Bulk Email

Newsletters & Bulk Email_Newsletters & Bulk Email.PNG

Newsletter Subscribe Form: Provides a single email field subscription form for a selected newsletter.

Web Pages & Content

Webpages & Content_Webpages & Content.PNG

Banner Area: There are three optional layers for Banner area. First layer has 2 equal halves but width can be adjusted. Second layer has one full width area. Third layer is a background image for the whole section.
Basic Footer: Basic editable footer area.
Child Page List: Lists all pages that are children or sub pages of the current page. Option for previewing some or all of the child page content.
Clearing Section: Not actually visible to visiters. It’s used to ensure there is a full break between sections when needed.
Combination Section: Two sections are created (an open and a close) and any sections falling in between will inherit it’s settings. Allows grouping of other sections for styling, joining lists, or for creation of a more versatile layout scheme.
Content: Content sections allow large pages to be managed in smaller chunks.
Gallery: A gallery section with thumbnails and interactive slideshow.
Google Map: Display a customizable Google Map with a optional single locator icon. Set the zoom level and more.
Hero Section: Wrappers that work similarly to Combination sections except they allow you to stretch the background images or colours to the very edges of the screen. Added ability to display parallax effects.
Room Rates: Accommodations room profile with rate information.
Slide Show: Adds a slide show.

Unified Search System

Unified Search System_Unified Search System.PNG

Unified Search: Allows sitewide searching of all indexed content.

People & Groups

People & Groups_People & Groups.PNG

Account Login: A login section allowing existing users to login directly, or new u sers to link to begin the signup process.
Edit Account Details: Allow users to change their account password, information, etc.
Inline Login: Instead of a visible section on the page, the inline login appears as a popup window which loads a secure login page within it. To use this you must be using other sections which are capable of taking advantage of its display.
New Account Registration: Provides a new account registration form.

Quick Overview of Sections Placed in Page Layouts

Tabs along the top of the Page Layout Preview allow you to view the Desktop version of a website and it's layout sections, the Mobile version, or any Disabled Sections. Desktop tab is the default in the ECMS framework.

On a Web Page, Master Sections are indicated in Green and page specific sections are indicated in Grey shades. On the left side of each section there's the section Title (click on this to edit the section) and a breif synopsis of what the section is and it's properties.

Quick Overview of Sections Ploaced in Page Layouts_Section Options.PNGOn the right side there are icons indicating if the section is designed for Desktop Viewing, Mobile Viewing or both. Next are arrows to let you move sections up or down in the layout. Lastly there are section disable and delete options.

Quick Overview of Sections Ploaced in Page Layouts_Quick Overview of Sections Ploaced in Page Layouts.PNG

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