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Refunds / Return Policy

Returns does not accept returns under any circumstances of any service or product of or any of its listed businesses or third parties. Any returns relating to a listed business will be dealt with solely by the listed business and will be subject to their policies and procedures. ecommunities.cadoes not guarantee or recommend any third party product or service and cannot be held responsible for its performance or quality. The customer (you) is responsible for contacting the listed business or third party directly.

Refunds does not provide refunds under any circumstances, and all sales are final. Refunds for products or services listed by any listed business or third party will be made at the discretion of and according to the policies and procedures of that particular business.

The only exception to this policy relates to Fraudulent Charges. All claims of fraud are forwarded to the credit card issuer and investigated fully prior to action being taken. If a refund is warranted, will only issue a refund for products or services which we sell; any product or service listed by a listed business or third party will be handled directly by that business and will be subject to their individual policies and procedures.

Updates to this policy reserves the right to modify this Refund Policy at its discretion, or in dealings with any customer it believes is abusing this policy. Any such revision or change will be binding and effective immediately after posting of the revised Refund Policy on's Web sites. You agree to periodically review our Web sites, including the current version of our Refund Policy. Our refund policy is made available on our Web sites. It is your obligation to review our refund policy for any such revisions.


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