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Choose your level today, and know that
tomorrow is covered!

ECMS Horizons is offered at three levels to suit your needs now, and in the future! Choose the right level to get you started and only expand when you really need to.

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  • Secure & Reliable
  • Responsive Layouts
  • Business Process Automation
  • Search Engine Optimized
  • High Performance

Horizons' wide array of modules each come in varying levels allowing you to build the perfect solution using only what you need, but leaving room for your deployment to grow and change as quickly as you do.

The real strength of the eCommunities Management System is it's modular architecture, allowing us to provide a solutions that are tailored to each individual organizations specific needs, solutions that exceed your expectations without exceeding your budget.

ECMS modules are unique in our industry in that they don't simply do that they sound like they do, they grow more capable and more rich as modules are added into the mix.  Mash up the Weather Station with the Events Calendar and you can enable mini-forecasts right in the calendar view, or combine the Listing System and the Jobs Board and you can allow your member businesses to post their openings right to their listing in your directory.  The combinations are limitless and truely enable your site to become more than the sum of its parts.

Explore our full range of available ECMS Modules, and remember that we will also customize or construct any modules specific to your needs that aren't already available.


ECMS Expansion Modules

Grow your organization, help your clients meet their needs, and make great service easier to deliver. ECMS CRM bridges the gap between information col...
The Commercial Listing System will take any list of information such as business profiles, institutional information, regional resources, etc. and all...
The ECMS Communications Centre handles many distinct types of communications: News, Blog’s, Discussion Forums, Private Communications, Trouble Ticke...
The Ecommerce Module provides a secure, flexible and scalable environment to bring your products and services to market. The system is built on top o...
The ECMS Events Manager is a very powerful Calendaring system with support for multiple calendars both private and public. Events can be entered into...
Publish newsletters and distribute them to any number of subscribers automatically on a set schedule using this module. Compile content from any numbe...

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