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Commercial Listings System

The Commercial Listing System will take any list of information such as business profiles, institutional information, regional resources, etc. and allow you to reference them to each other building networks of information. From the perspective of an end user this would allow them to discover one institution in one area of expertise and quickly find other institutions in the same field directly from that record. The system further allows you to extend control over these resources to owners to manage themselves, possibly using it as a profit centre.

MarketingProvide cross marketing resources for business networks, service providers, or resellers
Self ManagementAllow clients to manage their own content within their own accounts
CategorizationCreate networks of related categories, listings, and other information
Profit CentreTurn the commercial listing system into a profit centre by selling listing subscriptions
MappingTightly integrate with Google Maps allowing for dynamic inclusion of markers with no work or skills necessary


Commercial Listings System

Supported Number of Unmanaged (Admin Only) Listings: 500 unlimited
Supported Number of Managed (Admin or Client) Listings: 500 unlimited
Maximum Listing Information Fields: 25 unlimited
Attach Images and Other Media Files: unlimited unlimited
Custom Listing Types with Selectable Fields:    
Support for Multiple Locations per Listing:    
Clients can Accessorize Listings:    
Purchase Listings & Upgrades Online (Req. ECECM):    

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