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Are you a person that needs to get your message out? Are you a small business that is just getting started? Are you a small organization that needs to promote their services? This plan is tailored for people like you!

With the ability to build one website, 5GB of storage, and 5 email accounts you will have everything that you need to get your basic website off of the ground. This plan does not sacrifice core security and services that Professional and Enterprise users benefit from.

Basic provides you everything that you need as an individual or a small business/organization to develop a website.




Professional is ideal for the average business or oganization. With professional, you have the ability to build 5 websites, set up 20 email accounts, and enjoy 25GB of storage. 

With these resources, you have the ability to tackle many different markets and promote various facets of your business or organization. Professional allows you to promote your business or organization to it's fullest capacity.



With Enterprise you have freedom to grow your platform with your business. Enterprise is created with the corporation and it's future growth in mind.

With unlimited websites and plenty of storage, your business is free to grow. Create sites dedicated to target industries and increase user follow through by tailoring their environment, increasing confidence all the way through.


ECMS Horizons Core

  Single website with any number of domains Up to 5 related sites with role based administration Unlimited related sites with complex security requirements
Websites / Applications 1 5 unlimited
Administrators / Role Based Managers 1 5 unlimited
Storage / Bandwidth 5GB / unlimited 25GB / unlimited 100GB / unlimited
Emails Included 5 20 100
Expandable via ECMS Modules      
256bit AES Encryption for Sensitive Data      
Hourly Backups of All Client Data      
Audit Trail      
Active Page / Block Caching      
Content Versioning      
Centralized Media Warehouse with Agency Helpers      
Managed REST API with Customizable I/O Action Triggers      
POSIX type User / Group Permission Management      
Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP)      
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