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Newsletter List Server

Publish newsletters and distribute them to any number of subscribers automatically on a set schedule using this module. Compile content from any number of other installed modules. Manage your newsletters and eblasts like you do web pages on your website using the same techniques and tools. Once delivered, publish them to the web at your own website, providing you, and not a third party service, with new and unique content which in turn boosts your organic search engine positioning. Do away with the hassle of exporting your user lists and producing your mailings in yet another 3rd party service; do it all in the same place you manage all of your other content, and with a system you’re already familiar with.

TrackingReport on receipt and click-through visitors
TrafficContent synopsis' in newsletters provide a hook for return traffic
Self ManagementWhen combined with Self-Serve area clients can manage subscriptions and preferences
AutomationCreate managed or unmanaged newsletters that either wait for content, or generate it automatically from other installed modules
CASL CompliantComplies with all of the rules set out in CASL including Acquisition, Confirmation, and Unsubscriptions

Newsletter List Server

Flex Rate On-Demand Pricing

(CPT = Cost Per Thousand)

Unlimited Newsletters Supported
Tier Monthly Fee Reservations Included Equivalent CPT Overage CPT
1 $15.00 3000 $5.00 $7.50
2 $35.00 10,000 $3.50 $5.25
3 $60.00 24,000 $2.50 $3.75
4 $105.00 60,000 $1.50 $2.25
5 $150.00 125,000 $1.00 $1.50
6 $175.00 250,000 $0.70 $1.05
Number of Subscribers Supported per Newsletter
Self Sign Up and Subscription Management
Automated Delivery Schedule with Content Deadline Reminders
Auto-Newsletters Using Content From Other Installed Modules
Delivery Event Calendar View (Req. ECEVT PRO+)

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