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Graphic Design / Developer Referral Services

eCommunities helps a large network of Marketing and Development firms deliver top notch services to their clients, and if you're looking for a trusted provider already familiar with ECMS to deliver your website / solution, we're happy to refer you to a firm that specializes in your area of business.

If you are a service provider and wish to join our accredited list of ECMS Certified Resellers, please take a look at our Affiliate Programs...

Search Engine Optimization & Search Engine Marketing

What's the difference between SEO and SEM?

This simple answer is that Search Engine Optimization generally takes place on your site while Search Engine Marketing takes place everywhere else. A good campaign will include elements of both tailored to your needs.

Search Engine Optimization - SEO

SEO deals with things like writing content for your site that utilizes "Keywords" and "Keyphrases" that you want to attract traffic for, or using tags within your code that help search engines identify what types of content exist on your site. The goal of SEO is to increase your "Organic Search Results", those are the unpaid results that are presented when you do a search on Google for instance.

Search Engine Marketing - SEM

SEM on the other hand is how we attempt to increase traffic to a site artificially, either by means of Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns, inbound link building campaigns, social media promotion, etc. An example of PPC are the 'other' results on a google search, they typically appear to the top, right and bottom of the page and are labelled "Sponsored". If you can't immediately get your site into the Organic results, the next best thing if you want fast results is to pay to be there, the part we help you discern is what the proper value is. We look at things like the cost to aquire a new client (the conversion cost) and the value of that conversion to you as a new client.

Mix it Up

The best approach is actually a bit of both, SEM helps you to get faster results but has a higher cost associated, where as SEO has the best return on investment (ROI) but takes longer to see results. By using both you can limit your expenses and still get both short and long term returns.

Ecommerce, Merchant Services, and Payment Processing

We provide low-cost Canadian dollar and US dollar Internet merchant accounts to our Canadian merchants and through our partnerships with several US banks; US merchants now have a no-hassle solution to acquire merchant accounts as well. Our ECMS Ecommerce Module provides a seamless solution for payment processing based on any of our available merchant accounts and will even work with your existing internet merchant account. ECMS is compatible with merchant accounts issues by these and other financial institutions:

  • PayPal (Settlement in CDN & US funds)
  • CHASE Paymentech / Paymentech Canada (Settlement in CDN & US funds)
  • Moneris (Settlement in CDN funds)
  • Beanstream (Settlement in CDN & US funds)
  • Toronto Dominion Bank (Settlement in CDN funds)
  • Global Payments (Settlement in CDN & US funds)
  • FDMS Canada (Settlement in CDN funds)
  • Amex Canada (Settlement in CDN funds)

DNS Management

eCommunities has partnered with Amazon Web Services to provide all ECMS clients with integrated support for Amazon's Route53 DNS services, a global leader in DNS.  Route53 is included with all three ECMS Core Subscription Levels. Amazon Route53 is a highly available and scaleable cloud Domain Name System (DNS) web service, which through it's network of points of presence around the globe gives you 4 levels of fail-over tollerance ensuring that your domain will always reach your website or application.  Amazon Route 53 makes it possible for you to manage traffic globally through a variety of routing types, including Latency Based Routing, Geo DNS, and Weighted Round Robin—all of which can be combined with DNS Failover in order to enable a variety of low-latency, fault-tolerant architectures.

Every domain extension you will ever need...and more.

eCommunities gives you access to the largest selection of domain names available on the market, all in one place. All generic, specialty and country-code extensions at competitive prices plus hundreds of brand new top-level domains including an available inventory of over 17 million premium domains.

Popular Extensions

  • .ca is Canada's Top Level Domain on the internet.  Registrants must meet Canadian Presence Requirements but .ca domains are among the top recognized domains to Canadians.
  • .com and .net: These original domains have worldwide recognition, are in demand and are registered in more than 350 languages worldwide. They provide instant recognition, and can be registered in multilingual encoding using internationalized domain name registrations.
  • .org: Registrations are unrestricted and suitable for professional organizations and associations.
  • .info: The .info domain offers users a great alternative to .com names with no special requirements. They're appropriate for any type of individual or organization.
  • .biz: The .biz domain is reserved specifically for businesses and will help your organization establish its' reputations as a serious online contender.
  • .name: The .name domain helps you create a unique online identity. .name features exclusive personal registrations; no companies or third parties are eligible.
  • .mobi: Mobile browsing is quickly gaining momentum. Many Internet leaders already have mobile sites, and more are launching every day. Take advantage of thisrapid growth by offering .mobi, the only domain dedicated to providing Internet content and services to mobile devices.
  • .co: is Columbia's Top Level Domain, however it is used by many sites around the world as a generic domain.
  • .jobs: Many people take to the internet for job hunting. Promote your employment site with this domain!
  • .travel: Attract clients and visitors with the .travel domain. Let your customers know that you cater to the tourism/travel based insdustry!
  • .io: This domain is traditionally used in the IT field as .io can stand for input/output. However, it can also be used for other sites as well without as much as a second thought.
  • .foundation: The .foundation domain is used to promote non-profit organizations.
  • .resturant: Let your visitors know that you are a resturant with tasty food with this domain!
  • .menu: Promote your resturant's menu with this domain.
  • .photography: Due to the rise of technology, the photography industry has become very digital. Promote your business with the .photography domain to let your customers know what your site is for.
  • .pub: The .pub domain is almost like a double edged sword. It can be used to represent publication websites or pubs themselves.
  • .wtf: Weird content is found all over the internet, the internet would not exist without the WTF factor. Use this domain to promote your site filled with hilarious and wierd content.

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SSL Certificates

eCommunities has partnered with all of the leading security providers to offer you the widest selection of SSL Certificates, so you can provide your customers a trusted and recognized security certificate to keep their information safe. 

We offer dozens of certificate options from all of these leading providers:

symantec.png thawte.png geotrust.png trustwave.png comodo.png
Provide the Norton brand onto your website to instill trust and a sense of security in your customers. Thawte is a very strong busienss in Europe. They are one of the leaders in providing SSL certificates. GeoTrust is extremly popular with smaller business. It is one of the largest providers in SSL certificates. Trustwave SSL helps companies reduce their costs in SSL certificates while sitll maintaing a sense of trust and security. Comodo aims to meet the needs of every business by providing a range of options for SSL certificates.

DV, OV, EV: What's the difference between certificates?

Domain Validated (DV): Inexpensive, basic protection recommended for personal or hobby sites and small forums that need basic encryption for things like logins, forms or other non-transactional data.

Organization Validated (OV): Affordable protection for small businesses. Recommended for small to mid-sized business sites where validation of the company is important. Highly recommended for sites with low-volume eCommerce transactions.

Extended Validated (EV): Proven to boost customer confidence. Recommended for mid-sized to enterprise sites where visitor confidence is key. A must for websites with transactions for payments, online banking, and eCommerce.


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